Right now, it's christmas eve here in Michigan. My hubby and I just drink some margaritas and corona to celebrate the holiday. My daughter is busy watching Santa Clause Movie. Tomorrow, we are planning to visit my mother in law and spend Christmas day with her as well as my brother in law. But before that were going to attend mass in the morning in St. Margaret of Scotland, it's a catholic church close to my place. Then proceed to my mom and play with her dog name Ginger. For some reason, I feel sad at this moment perhaps I miss everything especially during Christmas day in my homeland like our Christmas culture and tradition, as in everything. I can tell the big difference how to celebrate the Christmas here in America to my homeland. I miss everything like the noise, Christmas carol, bunch of gifts, endless visitors, never ending phone calls, the Catholic mass early morning around 4:00 am, also the food vendors beside the church. In our house back to my homeland, I also miss the variety of foods in the table especially the Pig roast or Lechon Baboy. Oh my gosh, it's damn yummy. Mostly, I miss the family exchange gift. I miss it a lot. Since, we siblings are grown up now and the fact that we lived far away from each other, we can't do it anymore. It's different now. We have our own family and responsibility. It seems like everything change for a very good reason and I wish for one day, I can take it back so we can still be together. Well, thats life, all I need to do is be strong and fight being homesick though its kinda hard for me but I will try.
So, people in the world, I wanna greet you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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  1. yeah sis,,iba talaga Christmas dito sa pilipinas, talagang feel mo ang spirit ng christmas kapag sama sama ang family...