Good morning everyone. Today is my day, it’s my Birthday. It’s like an ordinary day for me though I am used to it. I think I am old now, two more years I’m out of the calendar. It’s unbelievable, time really fast. I received a lot of greetings from my friends in the Philippines and all over the world through my Friendster account. Thank you so much amigas and amigos. It was appreciated. I received a long distance call also last night from my parents in Samar, Philippines. Then, I’ve talked to my sister via Yahoo Messenger too. I’m thankful even though were a thousand miles away, we still manage to communicate. Thank you so much for your love and care to me. Then, I got a Birthday note from my hubby. It was displayed in our kitchen. He left it this early morning before he go to work. He didn’t bother to wake me up. It was a surprise & a sweet message. I have a wonderful morning. Lastly, I got a Birthday kiss & hug from my little one. She’s a sweet little girl. Few more days, her birthday will come too. She’s going to be four years old. By the way, I just wanna greet other birthday celebrants: My little princess, my kuya Rene, my cousin Richard Delantar, my mare Melani Palao, my idol Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, and to all December celebrants. Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. vhing Says:

    happy bday my friend!!!sorry its the post office fault.on the way now!!..more blessings and bright future to come.HUG&KISSES!.