Friendster Group Exchange Gift, A poster of Kyoto, from Lisa of Japan, my friendster sistah.

A hand craft Japanese Girl, from Lisa of Japan, my friendster sistah

A family gift from my hubby. It's not yet fully done we still need to buy some ornaments.

Aquarium, 50 gals, with 3 tiger fish and 2 rainbow sharks.

2 T-shirts from Vhing of Israel, my friendster sistah and blogger buddy.

Pink T-shirt for my Little Princess

Blue One for Me

My little one and I received our Permanent Resident Card or Greencard.

My whole family are very happy and thankful for this. We would like to say Thank You from the bottom of our heart. We like the T-shirt so much from Israel Country, the holy land. I wish someday we can visit Jerusalem. I know it was a historical place. I would like to go there someday. Also to my friendster sistah Lisa, thanks a lot for the gifts. It was a beautiful Japanese stuff. It was displayed in our living room. The aquarium and fish was unexpected to us. But were very thankful to have it. Now, we have something to take care of. Lastly, our greencard, were all happy to received it.

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  1. Me-Me King Says:

    Very nice gifts, I really love the little Japanese doll - so sweet.