Hello people, it's christmas day here in Michigan. My family just wanna greet you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We attended Catholic mass this morning around 10:00 am. I felt the spirit of christmas there, a lot of people in the church. Then, we went straight to my mother and brother in law. We ate lunch together and exchanging gifts. My little one was so happy in her gifts. Good thing, the snow storm is over so were able to did it today. Unfortunately, I heard that there's another one coming so it's kinda slippery again and dangerous to drive outside. I remember, I had a shocking incident yesterday. I drove pretty well going to our home. Then, suddenly when I was turning to the left side of the intersection. There's a bunch of ice in the middle of the road. The salt doesn't effect at all. It was slippery and dangerous. I almost crash and hit the car in my right side. Good thing, I manage the tire pretty good. Oh God, I was scared and my heart bit so fast. I felt freaking hot though the weather is very cold. I thank God nothing bad happen and we still alive and have a good christmas. Thank you Lord!
Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year again to all of you. Thanks for reading and visiting my site. May you have a wonderful day.
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