ALBION – Buried here in the Riverside Memorial Park are:
– Otto Frederick Rohwedder. He invented the bread slicing machine. He is in Block 11, Lot 1, Grave 3.
– Phebe Wood. She was the first (1855) woman telegraph operator in the United States. She is in Block 4, Lot 1.

ADRIAN – Baseball player Mike Marshall was born here in 1943.

ALLEN PARK – The World's largest tire is located here on I-94 Originally a Ferris wheel that was used at the 1964 - 65 New York World's Fair, Uniroyal turned the Ferris wheel into the world's largest tire which stands 80 feet high and weighs 12 tons. In 1998, the tire was stabbed with the world's longest nail to promote Uniroyal's puncture-resistant Tiger Paw Nailgard tire. The nail weighed 250 pounds and held the recordbeingr world's longest nail at 11 feet long. In 2003 the nail was removed and sold on eBay for $3,000.

ANN ARBOR – Born here in Ann Arbor were: actress Martha Vickers in 1925, and inventor William R. Hewlett in 1913, co-founder of Hewlett Packard.
u Musician Iggy Pop grew up here.

ARMADA – Sports announcer Dick Enberg was born here in 1935.

ATWOOD – Author Rex Beach was born here in 1877. He wrote The Spoilers.

BATAVIA – Lizzie Whitlock, circus side show attraction. She was the original "Fat Lady of the Circus." When she died she weighed 650 pounds. Windows had to be removed from her house to get her body out. Lizzie died in 1886 at age 46 and is buried here in the .

BATH – In 1927, Andrew Kehoe, 55, was a farmer and the treasurer of the school board here in Bat. His 45-year-old wife was ill, his medical bills were mounting, he was on the verge of losing his farm and he was stealing money from the school treasury to make ends meet. Early in the morning of May, 18, 1927, Kehoe set in motion a plan he had been working on for months. First, he killed all the fruit trees on his farm. Then he crushed his wife's skull and tied her to a cart. Then he set off dynamite charges that he had placed near his farm buildings. Next, he drove into town and cut the wires to the central telephone office. Kehoe's last stop was the town's new school where he wired the basement with 500 pounds of dynamite. He was sitting in his car when he triggered the dynamite blast that blew out walls and lifted off the roof of the north wing of the school. The force of the explosion sent bodies flying into the school yard. The building collapsed inwards, burying many fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and their teachers. When Emery Huyck ran to confront Kehoe, Kehoe fired a shot into the back seat of his car which was loaded with explosives. Huyck and Kehoe were killed instantly. 38 Children, ages from 6 to 8, and 7 adults were killed, more than 50 others were injured. The site is now a park in which a state historic plaque lists the names of the children.

BATTLE CREEK – Born here in Battle Creek were: circus "Bearded Lady" Stella McGregor in 1920, actress Betty Hutton in 1921 and William K. Kellogg in 1860 (co-founder of the Kellogg Company here in 1906).
u Buried here in Oak Hill Cemetery at South Avenue and Hussey St. are:
– John H. Kellogg, cereal maker. He invented corn flakes.
– Will K. Kellogg, cereal maker.
– Charles W. Post, cereal maker. He invented Grape-Nuts.
– Sojourner Truth, famous black woman who crusaded against slavery. She was born a slave in the 1790s and died in 1883.
– Janes and Ellen White (Harmon), founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
u Ruth Swanson Venn, founder of the Archway Cookie Co. is buried here in the Memorial Park Cemetery.

BAY CITY – Singer Madonna was born here in 1958.

BELLEVILLE – Singer Georgeanna Marie Tillman is buried here in the Metropolitan Memorial Park. She was a member of the 1960s group "The Marvelettes. "

BENTON HARBOR – Born here in Benton Harbor were: comedian Arte Johnson in 1929, comedian Sinbad in 1956, and jockey Julie Krone.
u Actress Clara Kimball Young attended school here in 1900
u In 2004, one of every six buildings here was abandoned or vacant. The median household income was $17,000. About 92% of the population was black and half the residents didn't have a high school diploma. 42% of the town's adults had stopped looking for a job.

BIRMINGHAM – Comedian Tim Allen grew up here.

BLACK LAKE – The ashes of labor leader Walter Reuther were scattered here over Black Lake.

BOYNE CITY – Screenwriter Jim Cash was born here in 1940.

BRANCH COUNTY – Harriet Quimby, the first licensed American woman pilot, and the first woman in the world to fly solo over the English channel was born here in 1875.

BRIGHTON – George Romney, former Michigan Governor is buried here in the Fairview Cemetery.

CADILLAC – Boxer Adolph Wolgast was born here in 1888.

CALUMET – George "The Gipper" Gipp, a Notre Dame football legend, is buried here in Lakeview Cemetery in Section 20. He died in 1920.

CEDAR – Actor Chief Thundercloud was born here in 1898.

CLINTON TOWNSHIP – Buried here in the Lincoln Memorial Park are:
– Eugene "Big Daddy," Lipscomb, football player.
– Paul Williams, singer. He was an original member of the "Temptations. " He was a suicide.

COLDWATER – Baseball pitcher Jim Hughey was born here in 1869. "Coldwater Jim" has the distinction of being the worst pitcher in baseball history. He won 29 games BUT he lost 80 games, for an average of .288. He died here in Coldwater in 1945.

COLON – Buried here in the Lakeside Cemetery are magician Harry Blackstone Sr. and magician Harry Blackstone Jr.

COOPERSVILLE – Musician/singer Del Shannon was born here in 1934.

DAVISON – Director Michael Moore was born here in 1954.

DEARBORN – Born here in Dearborn were: auto manufacturer Henry Ford on a farm near here in 1863. His home from 1915 to 1950 was at 4901 Evergreen Rd. (Greenfield Township, Wayne County), U. S. President Gerald R. Ford in 1913, and Bob Seger in 1945.
u The last Ford Mustang came off the line here in the oldest Ford assembly plant on May 10, 2004. The plant, built in 1920, was closed.
u Actor George Peppard is buried here in the Northview Cemetery.

DEERFIELD – Comedian Danny Thomas was born here in 1914.

DETROIT – Born here in Detroit were: composer Harry Von Tilzerin 1873 (he wrote the songs I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad, Wait Til the Sunshines Nellie, and When My Baby Smiles at Me, aircraft founder William E. Boeing in 1881, baseball player Eddie Cicotte in 1884, Daniel Gerber in 1898 (he developed canned baby food in 1927), aviator Charles Lindbergh in 1902, diplomat Ralph Bunche in 1904, singer Herb Jeffries in 1912, actor Harry Morgan in 1915, auto maker Henry Ford II in 1917, singer Johnny Desmond in 1920, boxer Sugar Ray Robinson in 1921, baseball player Hal Newhouser in 1921, musician Les Baxter in 1922, actress Kim Hunter in 1922, comedian Dick Martin in 1922, actress Doris Dowling in 1923, TV host Ed McMahon in 1923, comedian Wally Cox in 1924, singer Margaret Whiting in 1924, actress Joyce Randolph in 1925, actress Joan Leslie in 1925, auto manufacturer John DeLorean in 1925, actress Elaine Stritch in 1926, director Roger Corman in 1926, singer Guy Mitchell in 1927, actor Martin Milner in 1927, actor George Peppard in 1928, auto executive Lee Iacocca in 1929, Barry Gordy in 1929 (he founded Motown Records, actor Robert Wagner in 1930, singer Della Reese in 1931, actress Ellen Burstyn in 1932, actress Piper Laurie in 1932, disk jockey Casey Kasem 1933, singer Jackie Wilson in 1934, singer Sonny Bono in 1935, politician Tom Hayden in 1939, actress Lily Tomlin in 1939, director Francis Ford Coppola in 1939, singer Smokey Robinson in 1940, singer Mary Wells in 1943, actress Marlo Thomas in 1943, actor Max Gail in 1943, singer Diana Ross in 1944, singer Freda Payne in 1945, actor Tom Selleck in 1945, comedienne Gilda Radner in 1946, and singer Alice Cooper in 1948.
u Boxer Joe Louis grew up here in Detroit.
u Singer Martha Reeves of "Martha and the Vandellas" grew up here..
u Detroit was named the 2nd most dangerous city in America in 2005.
u The world's largest stove is here in Detroit. A replica of the "Garland" kitchen range, the stove is 25-feet high by 30-feet long by 20-feet wide and weighs 15 tons. Made and carved in oak by an unknown sculptor, it is located at the Michigan State Fairgrounds at the southeast corner of Woodward Avenue and 8 Mile Rd. In 1893, was exhibited at The Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
u Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company and his wife Clara Jane are buried here in Ford Cemetery.
u Hiram Walker, whiskey distiller, is buried here in the Elmwood Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Woodland Cemetery at 19975 Woodward are:
– Horace Elgin Dodge, co-founder of Dodge Motor Car Co.
– John Francis Dodge, co-founder of Dodge of Motor Car Co. He is in Section 10, Lot 5, Section 10, Grave 1. The brothers are in an enormous mausoleum of Egyptian design, guarded by two large sphinxes.
– George Duffield Jr. He wrote the words to the Christian hymn, Stand Up For Jesus. He is in Section W, Lot 3.
– Edsel Ford, former president of Ford Company and the only child of Henry Ford I. He is in Section 10.
– Joseph Hudson, founder of the Hudson's Department Stores. He is in Section 10.
– Lawrence Payton, singer. He was a member of the "The Four Tops.'
– Davis Ruffin, singer. He was a member of the "Temptations. "
– George Washington Trendle, TV producer.. He produced The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon.
– Richard Storrs Willis, composer. He wrote the melody to the Christmas carol It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. He is in Section W, Lot 5.
u Buried here in the Woodmere Cemetery are:
– David D. Buick, founder of Buick Motors. He is in the Allendale section.
– Henry M. Leland, former president of Cadillac and Lincoln Motor Co. He is Section G, Lot 119.
– Eddie Slovak, Army Private was the last U. S. soldier to be executed for desertion. He was executed on January 31, 1945 in France on orders of General Dwight D. Eisenhower. His body was returned here to Detroit and buried next to his wife Antoinette in 1987.

EAST LANSING – Basketball player Magic Johnson was born here in 1959.

FARMINGTON HILLS – Actress Pam Dawber was born here in 1951.

FLAT ROCK – Preston Tucker, automobile manufacturer is buried here in the Michigan Memorial Park. His Tucker automobile was one of the Industry's biggest failures.

FLINT – Born here in Flint were: football player Craig Morton in 1943, actress Sandra Bernhard in 1955, director Michael Moore, and Betty Carter in 1930.
u John Dillinger and "Baby Face" Nelson robbed the bank here in May 1933.
u Flint was named the 4th most dangerous city in America in 2005.

FOWLERVILLE – Baseball player Charlie Gehringer was born here in 1903.

FREMONT – Daniel Gerber invented baby food here in 1927.

GLADSTONE – Here at the world's largest pet casket factory, Hoegh's (pronounced "hoig"), the display room includes samples of caskets plus pet art and clippings, mostly about beloved and heroic dogs. Caskets come in eight sizes, from 10" to 52", and various interior styles. Tours are given uf the factory at 317 Delta Ave. just east of Fourth Ave, east of downtown

GRAND HAVEN – John Dillinger and "Baby Faced" Nelson robbed a bank of $30,000 here on August 18, 1933.

GRAND RAPIDS – Born here in Grand Rapids were: actor James Kirkwood in 1993, boxer Stanley Ketchel in 1888, musician/singer Del Shannon in 1934, and actor Paul Schrader.
u Melville Bissell invented the carpet sweeper here in 1876.
u Boxer Stanley Ketchel s buried here in the Holy Cross Cemetery He was murdered in 1910.
u Grand Rapids was the first city in the US to put fluoride in their water.

GROSSE POINTE PARK – Actress Julie Harris was born here in 1925.

HAMTRAMCK – Pro basketball coach Rudy Tomjanovich was born here in 1948.

HARRISVILLE – Baseball Hall of Famer, "Kiki" Cuyler was born here in 1899, and is buried here in Saint Ann's Cemetery.

HELL – For several hundred years, a low, swampy area here was occupied mostly by the Potawatomi tribe. Later, in the early 19th century, it was the most unpleasant part of a trail between Lansing and Dexter. In the late 1830s, George Reeves, a New York farmer, started several businesses in the area, a general store, and a watermill, and a distillery. After Michigan gained statehood, George Reeves was asked what he thought the town he helped settle should be called, and replied, "I don't care, you can name it Hell for all I care." The name became official on October 13, 1841. Today, Hell Creek runs through the town of about 260 people. A bar next to the creek is known as "The Dam Site Inn".
HIGHLAND PARK – Musician/singer Bill Haley was born here in 1925. He and his Comets had the hit record Rock Around the Clock in 1954.
u In 1947, Nina Housden suspected that her husband Charles, a bus driver, was having an affair. Despite his protests, he was unable to convince her of his fidelity. When he visited the local bowling alley, Nina would go there and embarrass him in front of his friends. Finally, Charles had enough. He filed for divorce and moved out. But on December 18, 1947, Nina phoned him and asked him to come to her modest apartment here in Highland Park. While there, she plied him with liquor until he passed out. Nina then wrapped a clothesline around his neck and strangled him. She rolled back the carpets, got a meat cleaver and cut up his body. She wrapped the body parts in Christmas paper and piled them in the trunk of her car. The next day she left for her family home in Kentucky where he planned to bury Charlies remains. When she reached Toledo, Ohio, she had car trouble and while working on the car, a mechanic discovered Charlie and called the police. Brought back to Michigan she was sentenced to life in prison.

HILLSDALE – Actor Jason Robards Sr. was born here in 1892.

HOLLAND – Actor Harry Bannister was born here in 1889.

IRONWOOD – Hiawatha, the world's tallest Indian statue, was built in Minneapolis in 1964, transported here to Ironwood and erected in the "caves area," on the site of the Old Norrie Iron Mine. The statue is 50 feet tall and weighs 16,000 pounds.

ISHPEMING – A mine disaster killed 51 miners here on November 3, 1926.

JACKSON – Albert Parkhouse invented the wire coat hanger here at the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Co. in 1903.
u The Republican Party was born here on July 6, 1854 at Franklin and 2nd Streets.

KALAMAZOO – Novelist Edna Ferber was born here in 1885.

KALKASKA – Circus Performer Grace Gilbert was born here in 1880. She became famous as one of the first "Bearded Ladies" of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Known as 'The Woolly Child', 'Princess Gracie',' The Girl with the Golden Whiskers' and later as 'The Female Esau.' She died here in 1925 and is buried in the Leetsville Cemetery.
u A 600-pound, 11-foot long trout statue is located here in the town square. Kalkaska is home to the annual National Trout Festival.

LANSING – Born here in Lansing were: Timothy Busfield in 1957, basketball player Earvin "Magic" Johnson in 1959, inventor Donald B. Keck, and Matthew Lillard.
u Baseball player John Smoltz grew up here.
u A fire here in the Hotel Kern killed 34 people on December 11, 1934.
u Ransom Eli Olds, car manufacturer, is buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery at 1709 Mount Hope Dr. He is in the Olds mausoleum, Section F, Lot 157, in the center.

LAURIUM – Football player George "The Gipper" Gipp was born here in 1895 at 432 Hecla Street.

LESLIE – Frank L. White, believed to be the model for the smiling chef on Cream of Wheat boxes died in 1938 and was buried here in Woodlawn Cemetery. His grave here bore only a tiny concrete marker with no name. On June 14, 2007, a granite gravestone was placed at his burial site. It bore his name and an etching taken from the man depicted on the Cream of Wheat box.

LIVONIA – Baseball player Eddie Cicotte is buried here in the Park View Cemetery. He was barred from baseball after being involved in throwing the 1919 World Series known as the "Black Sox" scandal. He is in Section 79, Grave 2.

MARQUETTE – Gangster Fred Burke is buried here in the Marquette State Penitentiary Cemetery. He was one of the killers at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago.

MENONMINEE – Film director Mitch Leisen was born here in 1898.

MIDLAND – Herbert H. Dow, chemist and founder of Dow Chemical is buried here in Midland Cemetery at 3017 Orchard Dr.

MONROE – TV personality Christie Brinkley was born here in 1953.
u General George A. Custer spent part of his childhood here.
u Edwin Shoemaker, inventor of the La-Z-Boy recliner is buried here in Gethsemane Cemetery.
u Buried here in the Woodland Cemetery are:
– Boston Custer, the younger brother of General George Armstrong Custer, he died at Little Big Horn.
– Harry Armstrong Reed, a nephew of General Custer, he died at Little Big Horn.

MOUNT CLEMENS – Thomas E. Edison worked here in the Grand Trunk railroad station when he was a boy.

MUSKEGON – Born here in Muskegon were: evangelist Jim Bakker in 1939, and musician Iggy Pop.

NILES – Born here in Niles, were: automobile manufacturers John F. Dodge in 1864, Horace E. Dodge in 1868, writer Ring Lardner in 1885, and singer Tommy James of "Tommy and the Shondells" in 1947.

NOVI – Baseball player Hal Newhouser is buried here in the Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens Cemetery In the Masonic Garden, Lot 195-A, Grave 3.

ONONDAGA – Outlaw Bill "Grey Fox" Miner was born here in 1846. He was second only to Jesse James as a train robber. He died in a Georgia prison in 1913 at age 67.

OWOSSO – Politician Thomas E. Dewey was born here in 1902.

PELLSTON – Labor Leader Walter Reuther was killed in a plane crash near here in 1970.

PONTIAC – Born here in Pontiac were: Donna McKechnie in 1942, baseball player Kirk Gibson in 1957, and Tony Lucca in 1976.
u Hockey player Terry Sawchuk is buried here in the Mount Hope Cemetery.

PORT HURON – Actress Colleen Moore was born here in 1900.
u Inventor Thomas Edison lived here at one time.

REDFORD – Actor Richard Kiel was born here in 1939.

RICHLAND – Physician William Upjohn was born here in 1853. He established Upjohn Company.

ROCKFORD – Actor Dick York is buried here in the Plainfield Cemetery. He played the husband of Elizabeth Montgomery on the TV show Bewitched.

ROMEO – Rapper Kid Rock was born here in 1971.

ROYAL OAK – Actor Charleton Heston was born here in 1929.

SAGINAW – Born here in Saginaw were: cowboy actor Tim McCoy in 1891, actor Robert Armstrong in 1896, composer Gerald Marks in 1901 (he wrote the songs Is it True What They Say About Dixie? and All of Me), baseball player Bob Buhl in 1928, singer Stevie Wonder in 1950, and tennis player Serena Williams in 1980.
u Cowboy actor Tim McCoy is buried here in the Mount Olivet Cemetery.

SAINT IGNACE – Explorer Jacque Marquette is buried here at the Marquette Monument.

SAINT JOHNS – School bomber Andrew Kehoe is buried here in the Mount Rest Cemetery (See Bath, Michigan for details of the 38 children that died when he blew up their school in 1927).

SALEM – A train wreck here on July 7, 1907, killed 33 people.

SOUTHFIELD – Buried here in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery are:
– Jay Sebring, Hollywood hairdresser. He was murdered along with Sharon Tate by the Manson gang in 1969. He is in Section 24, Lot 281, Grave 12.
– Walter Hagen, pro golfer. In the Mausoleum, Section 101-W, Crypt A-3.
– Charley Gehringer, baseball player. Section 118W, Mausoleum, Crypt D4.
– Mickey Harris, baseball player. He is in the Mausoleum.
– Harry Heilmann, baseball player. He is in Section 16, Lot 324, Grave 4.

SPRING LAKE – Cartoonist Winsor McCay was born here in 1860. He was one of America's first comic strip artists.

SPRINGWELLS – Baseball player Eddie Cicotte was born here in 1884. He was barred from baseball after being involved in throwing the 1919 World Series known as the "Black Sox" scandal.

STURGIS – Society hostess Perle Mesta was born here in 1889.

THREE RIVERS – Born here in Three Rivers were: TV commentator Charles Collingwood in 1917, and magician Harry Blackstone, Jr. in 1934.

TRAVERSE CITY – Actor David Wayne was born here in 1914.
u A street named Psycho Path is located here in Traverse City.

TROY – Buried here in the White Chapel Memorial Cemetery are:
– Brace (Bruce) Beemer, actor. He was the 3rd actor to play the voice of "The Lone Ranger" on radio.
– Russell Clark, former member of the John DIllinger Gang.
– Mauri Rose, three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. He is in the Garden of Prayer, Section C, Grave #275.
u Troy was named the 6th safest city in America in 2005.

TYRONE – John Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes was born here in 1852.

VAN BUREN – One of Al Capone's former mistresses is supposedly buried here in the Hawkshead Cemetery. Many people have reported seeing the ghost of "Flora" in the graveyard dressed in a white dress.

WATERFORD – Bobsled driver Jean Racine was born here in 1978.

WAYNE – Singer Jackie Wilson is buried here in the Westlawn Cemetery.

WEST BLOOMFIELD – Baseball player Norm Cash is buried here in the Pine Lake Cemetery.

WYANDOTTE – Actor Lee Majors was born here in 1940.

YPSILANTI – Film director Vernon Keays was born here in 1900.

ZEELAND – Baseball player Jim Kaat was born here in 1938.

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