Mothers are very special people that hold a very special place in every heart. Right from doing the daily things for you to lending a helping hand a mother is a great person who does a lot for you. So being a mother is not an easy task. It's a tough job but very fulfilling. While browsing the net, I was touched by this poem and I like it to share to all mother worldwide.

A Perfect Mother
By Nicola Steel.

Since the moment I entered this world,
you have cared for me like no other.
There is only one word to describe you,
that is in every way a perfect Mother.

In the years you have watched me grow
So many memories we can now replay.
You've been there to love and protect me,
from my birth to this very day.

When there's a cloud covering my path,
or a problem I am about to face.
You'll be the one wipe away my tears,

and put everything back in its place.

Your warm touch is one of a kind,
so gentle to send me to sleep.
Your voice is one of an angels,
a beauty only you deserve to keep.

The way you always make me smile
and the way you play with my hair.
When I need to talk, you'll put me first,
so I know how much you care.

The sun in you're heart will continue,
to shine in the future in all you do.
The most special person in my life by far,
I'm happy to say is you!
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