One of my major concern right now about my little princess is the jealousy issue. Everytime we went to the Mall, we bought stuff for our baby boy. We started to complete and be ready for the needs of the baby. Then, we sometimes received some baby gifts from our friends. All of a Sudden, when my little princess saw all the gifts. She asked me these heavy questions like "Mommy where's mine?", "Is this all for the baby?", "what do you like mommy, a baby boy or a baby girl?". Honestly, these questions from her are very tough to answer. I need to be very careful to say a words that might hurt her feelings. So, I kept reading some articles from the net to guide me and help me out in this kind of adjustment for my little girl. Here's one and i like it. Check it out!
by Destiney Tate
Jealousy is a issue all parents deal with when raising children believe it or not it's a issue your parents had when raising you.
When a baby is born everyone gives him all of their undivided attention. it's the laws of nature , we protect the things that cant protect themselves.
Have you ever watched a mamma bird with her babies in her nest? She nurtures and cradles them, then as they grow she pushes them away and teaches them to fly out on their own .

When we have more then one child we tend to protect and hover over the little being who cant fend for himself and as our other children grow we teach them to become independent . It is what we are suppose to do its part of growing up and becoming their own person. The sad part being we take it to far and without a glance have made our older child feel left out. This is where we need to understand though caring for two is difficult we need to find the route to being able to care for the baby and being able to teach our oldest to become his own person but still let him know he's just as important.
When the baby is wet you could let his sibling bring over a fresh clean diaper and as doing so let him know you appreciate his help. During bath time put a few extra bubbles in the tub and break out the dusty old sail boat that's been laying around. Give him the extra hug when he wakes in the morning and kiss before he goes to bed. Teach him he's different then his younger sibling but that's in a good way. While his younger sibling has to nurse he can be free to roam and play. He surely wouldn't want to be stranded in one spot for hours he's a big guy now he can romp around. Remind him he gets to teach his sibling things first not a soul on earth can do that but him ! Though I do admit the adjustment will not be easy , the law of nature again plays in part .To live we have to learn and learning takes time but the end reward is a brighter side with less issues between sibilings.
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