Someday, I want to travel and tour the entire United States. I want to visit and see, with my own two eyes the beautiful tourist spots in every state. I have a list of places where I want to spend my whole vacation with my family. At the top of my list is Las Vegas. Yes baby, it’s Vegas! The famous place where you can get all the entertainment you want in life. You can see those fabulous and elegant hotels. If you want to make your whole vacation perfect just visit the bars, pools, live shows and most of all the Casinos. Just enjoy your days and nights!

The Flamingo hotel is the place where I want to stay. They always have special offers. This hotel offers a huge outdoor pool area. They also have private cabanas for children, so that’s very cool for my children. If you’re looking for a great entertainment they have wide selection of shows, check this link
Vegas show tickets for details. One of my favorites is the live show of Toni Braxton. She’s so adorable and I am a fan of hers. I like the way she expresses herself through singing. I checked out the Casino, the slot machines are very inviting. I want to give it a try. This will be fun for me. One more thing, if you’re a Hollywood Celebrity fanatic. This is the right place for you. You can see them all over the hotels. So don’t be surprise if you see some camera men outside the hotels waiting and haunting for a good shots of their favorite celebrity.

Anyway, they have special offer if you book 4 nights, you can get 25% off new reservations placed by 7/31/2009. It is valid for travel through January 31, 2010. (Excluding Oct. 1-31, Dec. 28-31, Jan. 7-10). The rate starts from $40. The price is very affordable. You can’t beat that! So if you’re planning a Vegas vacation like me, better start searching at http://www.bestofvegas.com/hotels.
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