Have you tried the BluFrog healthy energy drink? This is the best energy drink with healthy ingredients like real fruit, lower calories and carbohydrates. I guarantee you nothing artificial and full of vitamins. The taste is fantastic and you’re going to like it. This is the most nutritious energy drink than any other brand. There’s no much sugar on it. Try it for yourself and find out how delicious it is.

Good news! Blu Frog has a video contest. Yes, you heard me right. Every month Blu Frog will select and give $2,500 cash for the best favorite video. At the end of 12 months, Blu picks the best of the best from the past winners. And that lucky frog will win an unbelievable $10,000 bucks and a 3-day all expenses paid Cancun vacation. Guess what? I personally joined this contest. I’m hoping that I could win. Opportunity knock once so I better grab it. This is a cool contest and will boost my talent. One more thing, this video will be show worldwide. So better show what I got.

You can be the lucky winner. Why not give it a try? This is so easy and very fun. All you have to do is visit the site for rules and requirements of the contest. If you like to see yourself in the camera or video here’s your chance. Perhaps this will be your big break. So if you’re interested click this link
BluFrog contest. Be energetic folks! Drink Blue Frog!


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  1. I have tried the Blu-Frog, too. Thanks for sharing this information to us. :)