We are all aware that the rate of foreclosed houses has rapidly increased. The entire nation is affected from this massive foreclosure rate. After numerous government Bail outs, we thought things would get better for all homeowners. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet, and it is still going on. Seriously, Bail out money went so fast. We were wondering where it went, nobody knows; but one thing is for sure, Americans are still struggling to meet their house payments and the never ending taxes. Thats the main reason why homeowners end up selling their property quickly. It's very frustrating and tough.

However, on the positive side, buying a house at this time is the best thing you can do. The prices are very low and affordable. I think this will be a dream come true for some. You can choose a small or big house and maybe completely furnished. This is the right time so better start looking around to your neighborhood, perhaps you can find houses with a great deal.

Here's the deal, If you are a first time buyer, you can receive an $8,000 dollar tax credit. It's not bad at all. If you're a homeowner who's have lived in a current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years, you can get $6,500 Tax Credit. It's a good deal, isn't it?. There are no future extensions so all qualified homebuyers are urged to act and have a written, binding contract by April 30, 2010. This opportunity will be close by June 30, 2010, for more details watch this video.

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