Saint of the week:

A Saint is often an ordinary person who has lived an extraordinary life of virtue and faith. As Catholics we should use these exemplars to inspire us in our daily lives.

St. Hesychius of Jerusalem

Unfortunately, not much is known of this early Christian Saint from the Russian Orthodox tradition. Many of his writings and much about his life has been lost to history. He was an exegete and involved in his church as a presbyter. His work was extremely important since he defended the doctrines of the Church from early heresies including the theories of Nestorianism and Arianism. Nestorianism postulated that there were two completely separate natures combined in Jesus, one divine and the other human. Arianism postulated that Jesus was not divine at all. Hesychius' work gives us great insight into the history of the early Church. He wrote homilies concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary, and many Bible commentaries which focused on the mysteries contained in the Old Testament and how they are related to the New Testament. This included writings on the Psalms. Some of his other works describe the life and martyrdom of early Saints. He had a great love of the Holy Eucharist and promoted the need to keep pure of mind and body.

This week pray a Rosary in his honor, his feast day is March 28th.
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