If I win the lottery, the first thing I will do is build my dream waterfront house, in a rural area in the Philippines. I want some quiet surroundings with a heart breaking view of nature. Of course, I want to build some type of stylish and elegant house.I like the idea of having a modern bedroom, dining room, living room and bathroom. I want my crib to be perfect. I will spend whatever it takes If I receive a huge lump sum of money from lottery. Isn't that sweet! I maybe the luckiest person in the wholewide world.

Browsing the net, I saw some modern interior designs from eroomservice. The rooms and contemporary furniture were designed with high standard taste. It's fancy looking and very stylish, I like it so much. Did you know that all the furniture is imported directly from Europe. You really can tell that the quality is excellent. I like the wave designer dining table. It so beautiful and very modern. Also, I checked the bedroom sets. I am totally in love with the design. I wish someday my room is the same as that. Here's some of the photos from eroomservice. Check it out!

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  1. melandria Says:

    wow, this is really nice. thanks for dropping by. Hope you can join my contest too.