I have a friend who is a small-time entrepreneur; she sells products like shirts, bags, shoes, perfumes and jewelry. Her buyers were used to be from the office only but market has broadened when she enhanced her marketing strategy by creating a website that will showcase her products online.

She has considered a lot of things before she was able to successfully finished her site; like the design, storage for the pictures of her products, options for payments, and of course, the webhost.

Setting online store wasn’t easy. Challenges like making profit and website ranking will be encountered. There are lots of webhosts available online but before she chose what webhost to use, she checked website hosting first. She specifically focused on the features, ratings given and price before choosing the best webhost to use.
After picking the right provider, she now has her own E-Shoppe. All transactions are done online; customers are able to check the products without spending any for travelling. Now, she gains more profit because she can accept orders anywhere in the country because products are well presented. Aside from selling products online, she was also able to work on her blog. She’s truly an inspiration, kudos to you my friend!
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