Guest post written by Keith Johnston

Even though I am making a salary now as a college graduate, a big part of that is going towards paying off student loans, so I don't have a whole lot of money to celebrate the holidays this year like I consider how a salaried adult should. Lucky for me though, my parents' house is just a few hours' drive away so I don't have to spend much money on getting home for the holidays.

So I'm trying to come up with ways to save on the holidays this year. I've been looking online to come up with some ideas for stuff to make my family for presents. When I was doing that last night, I saw some stuff about clear wireless internet prices and after looking through it, I think I've decided to change my internet service at my apartment to it.

Well, I found all kinds of homemade gift ideas, but it was tough finding ones that I thought my family would actually like. I think IÕm going to make a bird house for my parents to put in their garden, as for my sister, IÕm still not sure what to make her.
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