It was August last year when my desktop messed up. I was in the process of finishing my thesis and the documents were saved in my very old personal computer. I had a deadline to meet and I had to print copies for myself and my professors. I was unable to do so because I had to retrieve files from my old computer’s memory. It was then I realized that I really need to have either a laptop or a notebook that I can carry anywhere I go. I went to the mall to check the price and unfortunately, I do not have enough cash to be able to buy one. I have seen also that I can purchase it using a credit card. During that time, I do not have credit card yet. At first I do not see it as a necessity so I never bother to get one. But because of what happened to me, I decided that I really should get one. I do not have idea what kind of card to get so I surf the net and was able to find this site, comparecards. This site really gave me all the information I needed to know. I have compared different cards; I have checked advantages and disadvantages of each card. I want to make sure that the card that I am going to use will have zero percent interest credit card because as a student, my budget is limited. Now, I have an student american express card that I can rely on, can be used anywhere and anytime. Visit this link for more details, compare credit cards.
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