Thanksgiving on the Ranch

Guest post of the week by Austin Fields

Going home for Thanksgiving is one of the best parts of my year. We usually arrive at my family ranch the day before Thanksgiving so all of us can pitch in and cook. I think that this holiday has always been more about the conversations in the kitchen than the dinner itself. My family always has their own dishes that they make and we all look forward to each year.

I usually make a potato dish with cheese, slow baked. I usually only make it during Thanksgiving, so my kids are always begging to be the first to dig into it. My mother makes pies. My favorite is cherry so she makes fruit pies as well as pumpkin. My husband cooks the turkey and the kids all pitch in with the side dishes.

We serve dinner at noon in our family dining room and all say what we are happy for, while we eat. It is a fun meal full of laughter and catching up. After dinner it is usually all of the teenagers that do the dishes, while the adults sit on the front porch with coffee and pie.

The evening brings sounds of our DirectTV HD Packages with ball games and late movies for the kids. There is usually a bunch of sleeping bags filled with kids in the living room all night. Sometimes I will sit and watch the sun rise the next day and recall all of the memories of the year.
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