Guest post written by Celia Brentmeyer

Gone are the years that I spend my New Year's Eves in smelly basements with my friends. Now that I'm graduated from college and actually have my own money to spend, I thought that I would go all out for New Year's Eve this year and go to a really upscale club for it.

I've been doing my research about places to go around the city for the night and when I was doing that a couple of weeks ago I came across some information about CLEARWIRE INTERNET pricing and after I read about it some more, I passed it along to my parents because their internet service has been terrible for years.

I think that I've finally picked out the club whose New Year's Eve party my friends and I are going to go to. I also have this dress covered with sequins that's going to be perfect for the occasion. I'll probably wear lots of glittery eye shadow to go with my outfit too. You might as well go all out for New Year's.
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