Hardwood floor is a great way to add elegance and beauty to any home. But what will you do if it faces the risk of being damaged from something greater and unimaginable besides the scratches of everyday traffic in the house?

No matter how careful and how hard I try to keep my floor clean and dry all the time, exposing it to water and moisture is just inevitable. High levels of moisture and water spills can cause significant damage to hardwood floor. When wood is exposed to heat, water and humidity, the wood expands due to the increase in its moisture content. Too much humidity within the house accumulated over time can cause a slowly but extensive damage to hardwood floor. The result may be squeaky floorboards, lifted and loose boards. The wood also becomes wider which often results in cupping or buckling of the entire floor surface. When this happens, it may appear that a replacement of the entire floor may sound fair, than dealing with the repair cost. A company like Steam Team provides restoration services of water damage in hardwood floors, water damage in basements, water damage in walls, and water damage mitigation and restoration services in Austin. They inspect and estimate the work before they start with the restoration process thereby saving cost.

Water damage on other surface, from time to time there is a leaking refrigerator and faucets that were left open. The worst thing a homeowner could also face is a broken pipe within the house that can cause the water to flow everywhere to the floor, walls and down to the basement. This is a situation that would have to be addressed reasonably and quickly. The Steam Team has a 24/7 emergency service to respond to customers. In all cases of water damage, the restoration starts with inspection and assessment of the damage before proceeding with the clean-up process like water removal, anti-microbial application to prevent mold and mildew on the unaffected areas, deep drying, dehumidifying, and monitoring the drying process.

But why do I like to go with the Steam Team? Aside from their expertise in the business, I like the idea that they will work directly with my insurance company to help expedite my claim process. As a property manager operating in downtown Austin, the Steam Team’s 24/7 response, professional quality and competitive pricing has been essential in keeping our units in rent-able and immaculate condition.

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