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I have story to share, my neighbor and I are not in good terms. The trouble started when the couple next door put their garbage can close to my fence. Every time they have a gathering in their house they throw away their trash towards my fence. The trash spills over on the ground, and the smell is terrible. I was pissed off because they are constantly doing this. They’re not ashamed how dirty their place looks. The tiny pieces of trash blow over and clutter my yard. They even don’t care how their neighbor feels about the stinky smell. Believe me it’s so filthy. When I cleaned my backyard I was startled to see this humongous rodent. It’s yucky, believe me. So I went straight to the City to report the incident and complain about this filthy neighbor of mine. I also purchased a Victor® Sonic PestChaser® Heavy Duty Sonic to get rid of the rodent. The next day I was happy because The City truck was in front of their house. Thank God my surroundings will be clean and I can finally smell fresh air.

If you have rodents in your place, Victor, the rodent control has economical electronic straps and powerful electronic pest control devices that will help control your mouse problem and protect your space. They have a special promotion that is going on right now the Victor Protect Your Space Combo Kit for $99.99 with free shipping. The kit includes the following :
(1) Victor® Sonic PestChaser® Heavy Duty Sonic, (2) Victor® Sonic Mini PestChaser® Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent, and (2) Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap.

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Pest Chasers:

-are kinder than traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing rodents. 

-Sound emitted from devices is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets. 

-Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days. Estimated service life of the unit is 5-7 years or more.

- Ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate furniture, cabinets or walls. Multiple units required for multiple rooms. 

-Victor® PestChasers® are the only repellents backed by third-party laboratory research and exhaustive field tests. 

-Additionally, the Victor® Ultrasonic PestChaser® is one of ONLY two ultrasonic device 

-Victor® was granted registration by the Canadian EPA(PMRA) due to their strict testing standards on electronic rodent repellent devices.


Victor Electronic Traps:

-Safe to use around children

-100% efficacy -Humane -No see – No touch solution

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