In case there's something happen to you be ready to make a master list of your assets. Record the results of your masterful filing system on a couple of sheets of paper and leave this master list in your file for your executor and heirs. If you have a home computer that someone besides you knows how to operate, keep it there, too. Tell your family where to find it so they won't tear the house apart looking for your records.
  • Your insurance policies and insurance agents.
  • Employee benefits and the phone number of the office that handles them.
  • Bank accounts and any particular banker you deal with.
  • Where to find your safe deposit box and keys.
  • Where you keep your will or living trust, and the name of the lawyer who drew it up.
  • Where all your personal papers are.
  • Your brokers or investment advisers- names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Your accountant.
  • Where to find your securities and retirement accounts.
  • Where your tax records are.
  • What properties you own and where the deeds are.
  • Your debts and any money owed you.
  • Your social security number and that of every family member.

Tell someone where you hide your home safe and give that person the combination to the lock.

Make a list of all your credit cards, account numbers and emergency telephone numbers, in case your wallet is stollen and you have to cancel them.

Photocopy everything in your wallet like ID cards, driver's license, health insurance card, and other items you carry for reference. That makes them easy to replace.

-Jane Bryant Quinn, Making the Most of your Money-

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