Sometimes when a baby cries, a parent will shake the baby. The parent may think that shaking is not as bad as hitting or spanking. Some parents handle a baby too roughly in play. Nevery shake a baby. Babies have large heads and weak neck muscles. Brain tissue is very fragile. Sudden motion can damage brain cells. When an adult shakes a baby in anger, the force may be five to 10 times stronger than if the child had fallen. The damage can kill or or disable a child. Shaken a babies can become blind or deaf. They can develop cerebral palsy or seizures. They can be left with severe learning or behavior problems. Avoid rough play, even though your baby seems to like it. Avoid any kind of rough and sudden movement.
  • Don't jog or jump with your baby on your back or shoulders.
  • Don't throw your baby into the air.
  • Don't spin your baby around.
  • Don't swing your baby around by a leg and arm or by the ankles.

Explain this danger to anyone who cares for your baby. Older children, neighbors, grandparents, and others need to follow this rule. If you get angry at your baby, stop what you're doing. Put your baby in a safe place. Take 10 deep breaths. Call a friend. Write down you feelings. When you feel calm again, go back to your baby. Whisper soothing words. Gentle stroke your baby's back. Pick up your baby and walk. Rock in a rocking chair.

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