Wow, I won! It's awesome! Thank you very much! I just want to show gratitude and thank the following:

  • To all my groups in FS: Filipinos Ma-L Around The World Your Rendezvous, Filipino Around The World - Your Home Here, Filipino Spouses/Fiancee of Foreigner, Pinoy Kami
  • To my family, relatives & friends in the Philippines & USA
  • Pinamama's diary, Sponsors, winners

Once again, Maraming Salamat Po! Mabuhay ang Pinoy! :-) Yepee

Here's the list of winners & prizes:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

  • 1 major winner of a gorgeous multi-colored scarf (sponsored by Pinaymama's Diary) Plus, a 2,000 EC credits (sponsored by Everything Has A Reason) Plus, 1 month free 125X125 ad space sponsored by Aeirin of Biz-N-Honey

Note: If you live outside the US, since I can't ship internationally, a $10.00 will be deposited direct to your Paypal account.

  • 1 winner of $5.00 (sponsored by Mommy Jona of Beauty of Life) Plus, a free ad space 125X125 for a month and a 1,000 EC credits (Sponsored by Praning's Shoutout.)

  • 1 winner of 1,000 EC credits. Plus, a Customize Layout (blogger platform) (sponsored by Ms. Twinks of Twinkletoe Writing Space.)

http://entrepremom.blogspot.com(send me an email of what domain name you want)

  • 2 winners of free ad space for a month plus, a 900 EC credits (sponsored by Simple Life, Simply Me and Momemo.)

For more details visit http://gardenofmoments.com.

1 Response
  1. Dhemz Says:

    wow, sis! am very happy and proud of you! you deserve it...keep rocking!..God is great! enjoy the scarf..hehehe!