This is once in a life time opportunity, so I invited you all to join this contest. I'm not kidding, its smell penny again. Grab it now, it has a lot of interesting prizes. All you have to do is visit www.mutualpay.com for full details of the contest. I will recommend this blog to all of you, it was filled of information. Seriously, everything you want to know was there. It's a good blog reference. See yah there!

For Entrecard members only!

Here is the prize List :

1st winner :
$10 via PP

2nd winner :
$5 via PP

3rd winner :
1 month banner advertising

4th winner :
2000 EC

To join the contest is really easy and here is what you have to do :

  1. Subscribe via email to this blog and give a comment 1 entry
  2. Link to the homepage of this blog from your blogroll 5 entry
  3. Write about the contest and link back to this post 5 entry
End of the contest is 15 November 2008

The winner will be announced at 16 november 2008

Join the contest and win the prize, visit www.mutualpay.com for details.
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1 Response
  1. Hi Ruth, sayang, medyo late na ako sa contest, 14 na kasi ngayon.
    By the way, very true yata ang previous post mo, with your name start with letter "R", you love to kiss talaga, obvious sa profile pic mo :)