I asked my hubby to get the Christmas tree in our basement so I can start decorating it. It's kind of late to do it but believe me it's still early here. Usually, they put it after November 25 which is the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a little bit odd for me. I can't feel the spirit of Christmas yet. But it's part of embracing the lifestyle here in America. In due time for sure I'll get use to it. In my homeland, when the month of September comes that's the time we go crazy decorating our house. We go out and shop for Christmas stuff. You will hear the Christmas songs all over. Definitely, you will feel the spirit of Christmas. It's fantastic! So, I want to share our christmas tree. It's still incomplete, were still looking for an angel stuff to put on the top of it. Hope you like it. It's not that fancy but still fabulous. My little princess always want to be included in the picture so I have no choice.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow!!may spirit of x'mas na talaga around sa inyo...ang laki naman.as of now wala pa akong nakita x'mas tree d2.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!