Last Friday, it was Halloween day, I was busy fixing the Tinkerbelle costume of my little one and preparing things that she might need, like the pumpkin bucket, wings, a long sleeve top, tight jeans, etc. She used it again for the trick or treat that afternoon. That morning, I cleaned up the house quickly, cooked something for lunch and did a glimpse at my blog and visited my other sites. Lastly, I entertained some phone calls from my friends.

In the afternoon, my hubby came home from work. He dressed up, ate and rested for a few minutes, while I was busy dressing up and preparing my daughter for her first trick or treat in my mother in law’s neighborhood. When we were all done, I drove going to Meijer’s and CVS to buy some stuff before we went to our final destination. We shopped quickly and bought some make up, mask, wine and my costume. We were invited to another Halloween party after my daughter’s trick or treating and I don’t have costume yet. It was shopping at a glance, I’ve noticed when you buy on the day of the holiday definitely you get a massive discount of all items. Then, after that we’re all set up and ready to go.

When we get there, I saw my mom waiting outside her house. We smiled at her and wave like we haven’t see each other for a long time. It’s funny, I have this thought that she must be excited too like us. Honestly, I am more excited than them because I never experienced this at all. Back in my homeland, we don’t practice this kind of norm, we often go to cemetery for our loved ones with candles, flowers and some snack foods. We solemnly pray and gather together. In short, this was a new experience for me though I am aware about this custom. Like what I said in my other topic, some Filipinos practice the trick or treat tradition while majority were in the cemetery visiting their love one’s grave.

However, after our shopping spree, we went straight to mom’s place. I spread the make up in the table and started applying it to my hubby’s face to make him scary. I even put a black lipstick and nail polish on him. Then, he wore his Hockey mask. If you remember the movie “Freddy vs. Jason.” That was my hubby’s scary character. Anyhow, he still looked handsome to me, it will not change. After all that, we started walking down the street and visited the house one by one. Some property owners were outside and welcomed all the little kids with their buckets and bags wearing those entertaining and fabulous costumes. It was really fun! My little one kept holding her dad’s hand to assist her. She’s still shy but she had so much fun. She enjoyed watching the kids in their costumes and I took photos of them. Her pumpkin bucket was filled of different varieties of candy and chocolate. She was happy and liked it to carry.

After the memorable trick or treat, our excitement wasn’t over. There was still one more party to go to. It was around 7pm, when we finally got home. I hurriedly dressed up, put on my blonde wig, and added some make up. My hubby and I were laughing to ourselves, it seemed like I was a different woman with the wig on. It changed my total aura. My hubby helped me to put the wig properly. I just fixed my little one’s hair and did some inspection to her outfit. I even asked my hubby if he wanted to retouch his make up or not. He prefer not because the make up made him uncomfortable. Then, we were all set and ready to shake our ass.

During the party, my Filipina friends wore their favorite character costume. They’re all stunning! Some wore casual attire with some accessories on. They look great at that moment. I didn’t know they have this special present for those who will be picked as the star of the night, who wore the most attractive costume. It’s amazing because I received one. I didn’t have any idea how many presents they will give away, but I am surprise I got one. Wow, it’s terrific! So, we celebrate it. We danced, drank and took photos.

Well, another revelation guys, this is also my first time to attend a Halloween Party here in America. Last year, I had culture shock and still on an intense adjustment period. I don’t know anybody here at that time. It’s like I went to another planet alone trying to figure out where to start. Though, it’s a great adventure that I don’t regret at all. This journey of mine has made my exploration wonderful. It’s probably the most remarkable journey in my life. Its fun and I like it.

So after a couple of hours, we went straight home and we are all exhausted. I dressed up my little one and did some of my errands. Unbelievably, my hubby and I still manage to continue drinking a bottle of corona. We discussed about our entire day. It’s a joyful conversation, overall we all had a wonderful day.

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