Today, I just finished eating my lunch with my adorable little one. Then, I decided to get the CD movie titled "The Little Stewart" and put it on in our CD player. I want my little one to be busy while I am cleaning the kitchen. After she watched the movie, I told her to take a nap so she will be a tall pretty girl. After a minutes, I am done with it and ready to visit my site and do some blog hopping. I received a comment from my fellow blogger about my ads prize. I checked her blog and I read about this fabulous contest. I was stunned at that moment because it was a huge contest. If you have spare time check it out, there's a lot of sponsors and for sure more ads exposure if you win. The good thing is there will be a plenty of winners. I like it! So, lets try this one perhaps this will be our lucky moment. Bloggers all over the world, I am inviting you to blog and join this contest.

Lets win this contest together is back with Season 2, getting much bigger and better then this previous contest. As you know the uniqueness of this contest is that it’s a contributory and number of prizes and winners are more than any other contest you can see on blogsphere. So this time again there will be 77 Winners for winning prizes amounting to US$ 1442.99.

Here are the Prizes to be WON

Some More Prizes (Total 8 prizes worth $189.99)

125 x 125 Square Ads (Total 13 prizes worth $ 173)

Link Ads (Total 5 prizes worth $91)

Entrecard Ad Spot Sponsors (Total 33 Prizes of 65000 Credits worth $390)

Other Entrecard Credits Sponsored (Total 10 Prizes of 11000 Credits worth $66)

How to Participate?

The other uniqueness of this contest is that its very easy and very simple procedure to participate. Here is the method:

[1] Blog about this contest -You must include in your post Links of contest contributors and link back to this post. Give your blog post link in comments below. [This will give you 2 Ticket of participation] AND / OR

[2] Subscribe Shanker Bakshi dot Com by e-mails
Only those who subscribe by e-mail during contest period (i.e. 1st November 2008 to 30th November 2008) will be consider for lucky draw. [This will give you 1 Ticket of participation]

So, blog about this to join and subscribed to shankerbakshi.com to win great prizes!

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