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Is it right to say that NBC is my favorite sports network to watch on terrestrial or satellite television from tvbydirect.com just because of the way that they cover the Olympics? Being an Olympic fanatic, I spend two weeks every other year sitting in front of the television non-stop. It doesn't matter what sport it is in the Winter or Summer Olympics, I'm there. I'm the guy who stays up until midnight to watch a curling match. And while NBC has committed some sins by putting way more importance on just a few "American dominated" events in recent years (I'm looking at you swimming, volleyball, track and figure skating), with four or five NBC networks dedicated to around the clock coverage, all can be forgiven.

While I'm not a huge fan of the prime time coverage for the reasons I previously mentioned, I am a fan of Bob Costas. He doesn't get enough credit for the way he runs the prime time shows, which are actually a lot harder to do then they look. He has to be on the top of his game for 16 straight nights shoveling you from one event to another. He handles it with grace and ease like the his counterparts on ABC or CBS did in the past. I can only hope that FOX doesn't get ahold of the Olympics in future years.
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