Thanks for the guest post by Laura Mitchell

Being a hockey fan is so much different than being a basketball or a football fan. The game is brutal, more involved, and more passionate. I think that sort of bleeds over into the fans as well. As a Red Wings fan I can't say that I've ever felt better than when I'm sitting next to the glass at a game. I think Todd Bertuzzi is a perfect example of everything that is right about hockey. He's in your face, aggressive, and bleeding to win. He's what led me to the Red Wings and made them my favorite team. Whether it's at the glass watching the game or sitting on a big couch watching the players take the ice on satellite tv from http://www.direc4u.com/direct-tv-deals.html... It's all beautiful and perfect to me. Hockey fans are just made different because the sport is just made different. When the NFL and the NBA shut down for their different disputes I will still have a beer in hand and a grin on my face as my hockey team continues to play on.
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