Written by my friend Dong Wood

Well, it's official! Winter is here and I am certainly looking forward to spending some quality time in the show with my family! We had our first snow this morning, so what is the only logical thing to do? We all get bundled up and headed to our backyard for all of our favorite snow activities! My daughter was making snow angels, giving my son plenty of time to pack a few http://the-hermeneutic-of-continuity.blogspot.com/2010/12/dominican-snowball-fight.html snowballs to ambush us with as we ran by! We made makeshift sleds out of garbage can lids and raced down are backyard to see who made the best sled. Turns out a round plastic lid fairs better than a flat metal lid! After we raced down the hill, we made sure to write our names in snow to give our backyard some nice decoration! We even drew portraits for each other! As we started to lose the feeling in our toes from being wet an cold we decided now would be an ideal time to brush of and head inside. The only thing better than playing in the snow all day, is coming in and getting nice and warm afterwards! We all like to cuddle up under a blanket and watch our favorite movies and shows on our DIRECTV HD DVR Deals! We're all looking forward to more snowy days in the future.
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