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Christmas Shopping can be a pain in the butt especially if you wait until the last minute to go. I always plan every year to go shopping in November but it never seems to work that way. I hate Christmas shopping in December but because we go in a group of about 017 people, we always end up having the time of our lives.

My husband, his parents, me and my parents, and our brothers and sisters all stay at my house the night before we go shopping. We all get up at five in the morning to beat the traffic. I get dressed first and cook breakfast while everyone else get dressed. Once everyone is all bundled up and ready to go. I set my home security alarm (Adt Home Security pricing) as we all head out the door.

There is no specific place we visit, but we like to catch all the sales first. There is this area with about fifty stores within walking distance that we like to hit first before we go anywhere else. Thank god for the walkie talkies we use every year because we all seem to scatter out and get lost when are looking for gifts. Once everyone is finished, we have this spot in the same area where we meet up to have a few drinks. I enjoy Christmas shopping because I get to spend time with my family.
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