Guest post written by Candace White

I used to do some figure skating growing up and during high school and I loved every minute of it. I wanted to continue doing it through college, but I just didn't really have the time to do it then. But now my two daughters do some figure skating on their own and I think that they love it even more than I used to.

I wanted to get them something special that's skating related for Christmas, so I went online to try and find something for them. They don't need any more skating gear, so that ruled out a bunch of my ideas. When I was online looking for that though, I came across this website http://www.cleartvbundle.com/order_bundle.htmland read through it. After that I decided to change over our home internet service because we had been having problems with the service we'd been using for a while by then.

In my search for gifts for my daughters, I found some really cute skating ornaments that I thought would be great to give them. We didn't have any skating ornaments, so I thought that they were appropriate.
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