Scrubs are used to be designed as simple as possible. They were just plain white for shirts and pants. Some used to wear street clothes and butcher’s apron in order to protect his clothing from becoming stained with blood. When I was young, I wondered how nurses, surgeons or any people in the medical field can manage to do their tasks while wearing white scrubs. You can get dirty which is hard to hide and hard to laundry.

Now, there are modern scrubs. Color and pattern has been improved. Experts have a change of thinking that they should improve their medical uniforms and BlueSkyscrubs.com offers finest and most fashionable medical scrubs and medical scrub hats plus they have a special offer; free shipping for purchases of $155 and more.

As a CNA, I have checked the site. I liked the hot pink scrubs. It reflects your personality while you’re on duty. You can match it with a medical uniform pants, color pink of course. Pockets are stitched beautifully and we can definitely have a space for important things needed while on duty. There are also available men’s medical uniforms, you can pick what top, bottom or set you would like to have. Now, medical personnel can be on duty on a fashionable way!
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