Guest post written by Patee Johnson

I think winter is the best time of year and my husband thinks I'm absolutely nuts for it. We live in Maine, so we get a pretty good taste of the elements this time of year, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I love the mountains of snow everywhere you look. I love the anticipation of going to bed one night with the hope of waking up to a sheet of pristine whiteness the next day. I feel like it's just incredibly invigorating, which is a beautiful feeling.

Tom, though, like I said, doesn't enjoy it so much. I'm sure it's because he's from down south, so he never got used to it. Either way, we still try to make this time of year special whether it's just making sure to get out to enjoy the blankets of snow we get, or doing new things like revamping the sunroom (which, ironically, is extra-gorgeous to lounge in this time of year) using HOMEPROIMPROVEMENT.com. Call me crazy, but it's always a bummer when things start to get warm again. Good thing I've got a few more months of bliss!

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