This will be my second time to celebrate Halloween here in America. I’ve noticed residents here are fascinated of putting decorations on their houses. This month of October, malls are crowded. You can see shoppers all over and there’s a lot of traffic in the parking lot. In short, people are busy for the upcoming holiday. It’s like preparing for a huge party. Back home in my country, the Philippines some do it, while others do not. Those who do it will prepare their house for a family party. Some go out for bar hopping like in Makati and Malate, Manila. There’s a huge party all the way down the street. They have contest for the scariest costume that will be televised. However, the majorities of Filipino are in the cemetery with candles, flowers and even snack foods. The whole family and relatives are there and solemnly pray. In my family, we usually go to the cemetery. We don’t go for a party. It’s against the law of my clan. We have a strong culture of spending time to our love ones who passed away even if you live in a far away province. We’re going to travel ahead of time so there’s no hustle and bustle. I just missed it and I want to visit my brother’s grave. I want to see my whole family so we can light up the candles together. Sit down and talk. Since, it’s impossible for me to fly back to my country. I will buy a candle, light it up and pray.
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