Today is our wedding anniversary. I woke up early this morning around 4:30am to prepare my hubby’s breakfast. It’s time for him to go work. I saw a banner hanging in our kitchen saying “Happy Anniversary, Honey!” I was touched and felt like I’m the luckiest wife in the whole world for having a sweet husband. He is loving person and kept expresses his feelings towards me. He gave me a warm kiss and hugs every morning which is good refreshment. I like that personality of him. Anyway, I bought him a present at Burlington Mall. I’m having a hard time to choose what will be a good present for my sweet hubby. After long hours of strolling and starring at the men’s items, I finally found a gift that best suits for him and he will like it for sure. Then, I went straight to Kroger’s to buy an anniversary cake. There’s a green little couple on the top of the cake that looks adorable, which reminds me of Mister and Misses Shrek, the fantasy movie. I like the pink heart icing that surrounds the couple, it’s awesome. The simple combination of white and pink all over the cake makes it more attractive to me. In the afternoon, I was so excited to see my hubby. I wanted to surprise him with the present. When I heard the doorbell, my little one ran fast going to the door to see him. Then, she hurriedly hid at the back of the couch to play peek- a-boo with her dad. It’s her usual routine every time her dad comes home. They play in a minute and talk. My little one was so excited to show the gift, she even revealed what’s inside of it. It’s so funny, I am the one who was surprised. I told her not to tell it, but she was so excited. My hubby was laughing because he found out the gift so fast and I was having a little argument with my princess at that moment. Then, we went out to celebrate our anniversary at Andiamo’s Restaurant located at 9 Mile and Jefferson with my little one. It‘s an Italian restaurant. It has a wonderful view of the lake. I could see the boats all over. It’s a romantic and quiet place. I would recommend this to all couples who celebrate their anniversary or whatever occasions they have, especially Michigan residents because they have 9 branches all over the state. It’s overwhelming, we made it through the first year of our marriage. After the trials we’ve encountered in the past, I’m glad it turned out well. I thank God for letting us make this celebration happen. We are blest.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh happy anniversary sister god bless more blessing to you both...

  2. jong ladaga Says:

    Happy wedding anniversary.