Last week, my family battled in a very delicate situation. My husband was hospitalized because of a heart attack. There was a possibility that he might leave me alone in a glance. It’s kind of scary that certain things happen unexpectedly. My thought at that time was how will I handle this kind of situation independently. I’m afraid of how will I continue my life without him. I’m not yet ready for this kind of trial, nor prepared for a big bang. I just hold onto God and keep praying for our safety. Fortunately, God heard my prayers, he touched my hand. He saved me again in a difficult situation in my life. I’m glad that medical technology here in America is efficient and very effective. Now, He is safe and pretty well. I’m feeling better and can breathe normally. I’m so happy that things turned well. I want to thank my friends, Aira and Elizabeth, for offering their hands to help. Thank you guys and wish you have more blessings to come.
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