This October was a difficult and unforgettable month for me. Last week, my family had a tough situation. A breathtaking moment for all of us which I wouldn’t want to happened again. Then, I got a shot for flu last day to make me healthy and prepared for the flu season. Honestly, that’s one of my weakness, the injection. It freaking hurts, I hate needles. Today, it’s my daughter’s vaccination appointment. Her pediatrician studied and summarized her vaccination record that she had before. Then, she came up with three due vaccines and one for flu so four shots total. I pity my little one for the shots that she got. She cried and whined so loud. I feel sorry for my princess hoping I can get all the shots for her so she will not be hurt. However, we need to be healthy and be ready for the coming winter so were not sick. Anyway, this month also is my first year here in America as well as my daughter. Time goes quickly and fast, I remembered I was whining to my hubby and wanted to go back home cause of being homesick, and then I overcame it. We were going to celebrate our first year wedding anniversary this month too. I’m happy that God still allowed and gave us a chance to celebrate it together. It’s overwhelming and we are blest. I am thankful for his kindness. It’s a double celebration for me though, same date were my brother passed away. My family back in the Philippines will visit my brother’s grave. I'm just waiting that immigration approve my change of status so I can finally visit him.
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