This week, I solemnly prayed a Rosary for my brother’s death. Since I’m far away from his grave, I offered prayers for his soul and eternal life in heaven. It’s our Filipino tradition to show reverence for our love ones who passed away, so that’s what I did. All the memories I had with him flash backed in my mind. During our childhood days, we had good and bad times. We frequently had fights that deep in our hearts made us closer as siblings. I am reminded of his bravery to fight every time I was in trouble at school. He had a strong personality in life. He was adventurous, optimistic, achiever, witty and had a strong will. When I think of him, he makes me cry. I am still in pain and broken hearted. The worst thing that happened in my life was losing him. It hurts so badly. He was my brother that left a deep message in my heart. I really miss him!
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