We visited my mother in law and her cute dog name Ginger last Friday. We had a good conversation about politics, food and even Hollywood celebrities. She told us that she get my little one a picture of a pumpkin from the Nino Salvaggio’s market for her to join in a coloring contest. Then, when we got home I put all the crayons and pumpkin picture in the table. I let my princess put different colors on it. She had so much fun and kept showing it to her dad. My cheerful princess is proud of her work. Yesterday, we dropped by in the market to buy fruits and veggies. After we checked out, my little one passed her work at the courtesy desk. Her work is displayed on the wall together with other pictures. As a mom, I am very excited because my little one is growing up. Her progress will be my satisfaction and happiness. I can’t explain the feeling that I had yesterday, but I am so proud of her. It doesn’t matter whether she wins or not. What matters most is her ability to participate, learn and grow at her age. It is definitely priceless and fulfilling. Anyway, the above photo was just a draft. The original entry was submitted. Here’s the mechanism of the contest:

Nino Salvaggio, International Market

All pictures must be returned in by Wednesday, October 22, 2008.
Prizes will be awarded to six age’s groups:

1-2 years old
3-4 years old
5-6 years old
7-8 years old
9-10 years old
11-12 years old

Each age group will be awarded three prizes:
1st prize - $30 Toy’s R Us gift certificate
2nd Prize - $20 Toy’s R Us gift certificate
3rd prize - 5 children will be awarded a pumpkin of their choice

The winners will be chosen by Nino Salvaggio Management Staff and will be notified between the 27th and 29th of October.
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