The Filipino American Community in Southfield, Michigan conducted a Halloween Party. The children were dressed up in their Halloween costumes as well as the adults. We were invited to come over by my friend Elizabeth. She brought her two sons, Kyle and Eric, who wore a fabulous manly costume. Kyle’s attire was Dracula and Eric was Iron man. Their attire was so powerful. So, I wanted my little one to enjoy the night with them and be fabulous with her costume too. I let her wear the pink Tinkerbelle with mini skirt and wings. She was full of happiness, She kept saying “Thank you, Mommy & Daddy!” She covered her mouth then started giggling and kept turning around like a Princess. She’s funny because I saw her shaking her booty. Oh, she’s a adorable little girl. In the party, the children lined up to ramp one by one on the stage and showed their beautiful costumes. My little one did a pretty good job. She followed the instructions and ramped perfectly. This was her first time to participate in this kind of party. It’s really amazing, she looked stunning. I am very happy for her. I am a proud Mommy!
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  1. Dhemz Says:

    wow! cute naman ng princess mo..hehhe..can't wait this friday...sige sis..ingat!