As a woman having a garden was absolutely wonderful. The refreshment and happiness brought by gardening was terrific. This year of spring season, I was inspired of putting a flower garden in front of my porch and backyard. My husband and I went to shop at Home Depot located at 13 Mile, Roseville. We bought different variety of flowers and vegetable plants, top soil, insect powder and fence. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to dig the soil at that time. My little one had so much fun digging and shoveling soil. My hubby started planting the vegetables like cherry tomato, eggplant, cabbage, beans, bell pepper, lettuce and acorn squash. The garden was small so we just bought a few plants of veggies. The digging was hard to make the soil ready, and then we put fertilizer on it. He fixed the fence properly so rodents wouldn’t eat our plants. Then, I planted the flowers. I got old bricks from our garage that was used as a border for the flowers to avoid weeds. Since the month of May until now, our flowers bloomed beautifully. We ate all the fresh vegetables from our garden. I can tell the freshness of veggies from our garden to the ones that we usually buy in the market. The taste was good and it’s delicious. Right now its autumn season, the weather turning cold, the plants started to die. We picked all the excess vegetables from our garden even though it’s not yet ripe. My daughter had a small bucket, I let her pick it all and she enjoyed it. I put it all in a pan and will wait until it becomes ripe. So that’s the story of Rush Family spring season fun activity. See you next year because were planning to expand our garden and plant some more.

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