I am angry to myself for being so stupid. I lost my things and it bothers me a lot. Last month of July, I sent a letter with some original documents and mailed it to my mother. I should have sent it registered mail so I could have tracked it, but I did not. Supposedly, the delivery will take about one or two weeks, but some cases it takes a month. I thought my mom receive it already so I asked her about it. I was surprise at the end of August the letter didn’t arrive yet. Then, I asked my mom if she can go and check it in the Post Office in her City maybe the mail was there. She did and nothing was there. The Post Office staff say there’s no delivery under my name. We thought perhaps we need to wait a little more time. Then, the month of September has passed and it’s now second week of October. I contacted my mom and asked about it again. Unbelievably, it didn’t arrive yet. So I asked my brother to go and visit the Post Office in the Manila and check it again perhaps it’s already there. He informed me that there’s no delivery under my name. It’s going on three months now. It was unbelievable! How it happen? What’s going on? It has been a long time now and my letter has not yet arrived. Then, my hubby and I went to the Post Office near my place and inquired about it. The lady said she can’t trace the mail if it’s not registered mail. There’s no way to track it. My hubby blames me for doing it. He doesn’t agree to send it from the beginning, but I’m stubborn. Now, I made a mistake. How can I get it back? I thought if it’s lost I might receive it because there’s a return address. I am afraid that somebody will get it and use it. I hope it doesn’t happen. I remembered first week of October, I sent mail to my friend in Japan. She informed me that she received it already. I’m glad about it and surprised the delivery took only one week. The Japan country isn’t a far away neighbor of the Philippines. Then, I don’t understand why my other mail until now still missing. I don’t know what to do? I’m out of ways to track it. I’m very sad about it.
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  1. PinkMama Says:

    I'm so sorry! I hope it does turn up. I would tell myself its a life lesson next time I would do the registered mail for sure.

    Sorry, Pam

  2. Dhemz Says:

    I have done the same thing...you can't trust pilipino sometimes....specially if came from other country..mabusisi..hehe..nako I sent a present for my friend last May..and until now she did not get it...it was my mistake I did not sent it from the post office...nay! better not to do it again