After my little princess pooped out, I cleaned the bathroom and spray the perfume all over. Oh, smells good! While busy cleaning the doorbell rang. My neighbor, Kelly and her 6 yr old daughter Sidney were outside. My hubby opened the door, Kelly asked if her daughter could play with my little one. We both agreed and the two lovely kids played inside Riona’s room. One of my problems here in America, especially in my place, children are not seen playing outside. It’s a bit odd for me, I don’t know my neighbors. It’s like they don’t want to be recognize. When I go outside, I seldom see people. Believe me, I can count those neighbors of mine who come out from their house on my fingers. Sometimes I can’t help myself from pitying my little princess because she doesn’t usually have playmates in our community. We bought her some toys, to get her attention and play along with her. Though it’s not yet enough, She really needs company same as her age. That’s why I’m happy every time my neighbor knock and bring along her daughter to play with my little one. So the two kids are happy and they both have fun playing together. I’m glad my daughter has company even for 30 minutes. I thought this year, I can bring her in Preparatory School so being alone will not be an issue. Unfortunately, she hasn’t reached the School birthday cut off. She must be 4 years old until December 1, 2008. Since her birthday is on December 21, she will wait for next year. It doesn’t sound good to me, she will be a little bit older to her classmates next year. But that’s the way it is, I need to follow School rules and regulations even though it’s unfair for my daughter. Right now, I am teaching her some Preparatory lectures. She knows how to recognize shapes and colors. She can count numbers from 1 to 20. She can sing the alphabet but not yet familiar with the letters itself. She can follow instructions. My hubby bought her a kiddy computer from leapfrog for her to be familiar in computer keys and their functions. It has programs for numbers, alphabets, colors and shapes. It’s a good learning tool for my toddler. I’ve noticed my daughter became smart and learn fast from it. Television is another tool that helps my daughter to become smarter. There are educational shows like Barney, world words, Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, Mickey Mouse playhouse, Backyardigans, Doodlebops, etc. I am very thankful, it’s a big help for a mom like me. I’m very happy my daughter is doing very well. I'm proud of her!
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