Today, we went out to shop and stroll at Meijer Mall at 13 Mile, Roseville. We bought some groceries and the pumpkin. We put pumpkin decoration in our glass window so people who pass by our house will see it. My hubby made a scary pumpkin for display in the living room. I helped him to put away the seeds. We can cook them to eat later. We will keep some so we can start planting it inside the house come spring. We are going to buy planting pots so it will be ready for next year. Every night we’re going to put a candle inside the pumpkin to make it really scary. My little one likes it though she doesn’t appreciate yet the real meaning of it. Times goes quickly, last year I was amazed how big the pumpkin was. I’m very excited to learn how to make a jack-a-lantern. Now, it’s my second year I still love it and its so much fun. Anyway, Happy Halloween!
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