Today, at lunch time I’ve received a phone call from Nino Salvaggio’s Market. The lady informed me that my little one won 3rd prize in the coloring contest. I was stunned, at that moment felt like I won the lottery. Although, the prize was just a pumpkin, the worth of it was meaningful to me. It was a good achievement for her at her young age. I didn’t expect this nor thought she will win or not. It’s good enough that my little one participated in that kind of contest. Though its fun, I am very thankful for this opportunity for her. However, after I hung up the phone, I hugged my princess tightly and give her a bunch of smooches all over her face. We danced, shook our booty’s and turned around. It’s really fun, it was a good feeling. Afterwards, I called up my hubby to inform him about it. He was surprise and happy to hear it. He didn’t expect it either. He told me when he got home we will go by to the market and get the prize, so we did. We went to the market and get her prize, a huge pumpkin. When we got there, we saw some of the kids picking up their winning pumpkin. You can see the happiness in their faces. My daughter doesn’t understand what’s going on. She doesn’t even know that she won. She just liked the pumpkin, played and climbed on it. Anyway, I want to congratulate my little one for winning this contest. You did a pretty good job little girl! Mommy and Daddy are proud of you! We love you! Also, I want to thank my mother in law. She’s the reason behind all this without her this memorable event for my little one wouldn’t be possible. So, thanks Mom!
2 Responses
  1. Libby Says:

    so cool! congrats!!!

  2. Dhemz Says:

    wow! congratulations to your princess..that is awesome! hahha..can't wait for my lil one..:)