In my place, it's a long way going to Filipino store. In fact, there are a lot of Asian stores here in Michigan, but it seldom to see Filipino store. Though, there are some, but it's a long way to drive. The Seven Seas Store, where you can buy Asian foods straight from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. It's located in Hoover Road, between 8 and 9 Mile of Warren. You can see variety of Asian products like meat, seafoods, vegetables, fruits, crackers, noodles, can goods, etc. Filipino foods are limited, , though some of the goods are similar to other Asian countries like shrimp paste, fish sauce, rice stick and the like. When I visited the store, I bought Datu Puti vinegar and soy sauce, Mang Tomas, Rice stick, Ligo sardines, nescafe coffee, knorr cubes, rice and boy bawang. It was overwhelming having those Filipino products, I felt like I'm at home. Perhaps, it's my two months stock, honestly, my hubby is not fun of it. When I cook Filipino foods he doesn't eat it all, he just taste it. Anyhow, what matter most is , I found what my tummy is craving for, I'm definitely contented right now.
i just wanna say Thank You to Sharon, who gave me the location of the said store.
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