Loss of sexual desire is the most common sexual problem especially some menopausal women. Well, some still enjoy a fulfilling sex life, but others experience a big drop in libido. Some common reasons are reduces hormone levels, when the ovaries produce fewer hormones, the effect can depress desire for sex in some women. Sleep problems, the hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia before and during menopause can leave a woman too exhausted to be interested in lovemaking. Vaginal discomfort, loss of estrogen during menopause can cause a decrease in blood supply to the vagina. Less estrogen also thins the lining of the vagina and can make it too dry and less lubricated during sex, creating discomfort for some women. Also, Health issues like depression, fibroids and bladder control problems can all affect a woman's sex drive. Medications, some blood pressure drugs and some anti-depressants, including the recent generation of SSRIs, can decrease sex drive. Lastly, job stress, being a caregiver for a loved one, relationship troubles, and sexual performance problems in a woman's partner can sabotage sexual desire. If you want to get more sex tips and news. Go to www.webMD.com and search for "sex and relationships newsletter." Sometimes, when me and my husband bought a prescriptive medicine, we checked it first to this site to know the full details of the drugs.
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