I want to share my work of arts, these are my paints that are made from watercolor and Microsoft paint. As you can see, I am a novice painter, I don’t have any knowledge or experience, but I do have my own works that are based on my imagination and things that I have seen. However, it’s one of my ambitions since I was young. I remember after high school, I took up exam in one of the famous universities in the Philippines, UST- University of Sto. Tomas, to take a Fine Arts course and hoping I can fulfill my dream. Unfortunately, we’re a poor family, we can’t afford the tuition fee. My parents keenly disagree of what I want for college. Then, I just put it aside and pursued what my parents afforded for me. Though it’s still in my list of dreams, I’m holding on that someday I can have my own Obra Maestra. Now, I started to paint in a basic way. If there’s an opportunity that I can go to a Fine Arts school or a free class that would be great, I will definitely grab it.
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