The Daimler Chrysler Company is a large manufacturing company of cars and trucks. It is located in Mound Road, 10 Mile Detroit, Michigan, USA. It is one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to the entire United States of America. It's a competitor of General Motors and Ford. The company invited all the employees together with their families to attend an Open House visit today. I'm grateful I had a chance to come there with my family and see the production of Dodge trucks. I've always seen it on the television, but now it's real. I'm glad i was able to see it closely. The whole plant was totally huge. It was amazing! In the entrance, classic cars were displayed, made late 1930's, 1960's to the present. I was fascinated with those cars, I've never seen this before. I'm lucky though, to have seen it. I wish my whole family were here with me especially my father and brother, for sure they would like it too.They're in my thoughts while touring the entire plant. To be fair with them, I took photos for them to see it and send it thru yahoo messenger, the fastest way to send photos. In the plant, you can see how it assembled step by step from internal to external body, to finished product. After production, the Dodge trucks were displayed at Warren Truck Auditorium, where you can see all the brand new trucks worth more or less $40,000. After we tour the entire plant, I was suprised there's a lot of variety of foods placed outside the plant. Oh boy, I'm stuffed from eating as well as my hubby and child. What a great day for all of us, it was awesome!
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