I called my friend Elizabeth to go shopping. I left my wallet on the top of the TV so my purse was not so heavy. Then, Riona and I hurriedly went outside to meet my friend waiting in her car. Then, all of a sudden, she asked me to drive my SUV, so my driving skills would improve and gain confidence on the road, so I did. We all reached the Thrift Store safely on Gratiot Avenue somewhere near 14 mile. We were fascinated shopping for clothes and kid's stuff. I bought Riona a pair of long sleeve blouses and pants. I also bought a maroon fancy dress and cute little pink back pack. A few minutes later, my hubby called, and asked where I was and who's driving our SUV. Then, I told him that I drove and did so safe. He was freakishly surprise knowing I was driving without my license with me. He was so worried at that moment. So do I, it's unbelievable. I'm so stupid! I was very excited to shop and went out for fun, unwittingly I missed something very important. When my friend knew about it she felt nervous and nagged me a little bit. I guess I'm lucky last night the Police were not around or else I would have been in big trouble. I'm sorry guys it wont happen again. I promise!

So, that's my worst, scariest, fearful moment of my life so far.
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    Quite entertaining

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